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What is postpartum care (Yu-fai)...?

Yu-Fai is one of the important postpartum health care for women in Thailand, and is a traditional therapy to for maternal care  and promote breastfeeding after childbirth. "Yu-fai" (อยู่ไฟ) means "with fire" in Thai, and there is a long-standing custom of which the mother or grandma of the person who gave birth apply Yu-fai in each family's own method when a baby is born.

The burden on the body due to childbirth, such as natural childbirth and caesarean section, makes enormous energy and large amount of blood lost.


In Thai traditional medicine, it is thought that four elements of fire, water, soil, and wind are flowing in the body. And as the balance of these four elements will be lost during childbirth, estrogen hormone deficiency causes various effects in the body. Receiving Yu-fai enables to prevent various indefinite complaints that occur after childbirth and help women to restore their physical balance immediately after childbirth.

Receiving Yu-fai has merits of... 


1. Helps restore body temperature regulation to normal

2. Helps the mother's ovaries and uterus return to their pre-pregnancy condition

3. Helps you lose weight and return to your pre-pregnancy weight

4. Prevents skin pores darkening which has opened during childbirth and improves skin rejuvenation, complexion, and skin gloss

5. Promotes to eliminate lochia such as the placenta and old blood in the body

6.Prevents autonomic imbalance and may reduces the risk of future autonomic imbalance and menopause

Procedure of Yu-fai

1. Relaxing massage
Applying the traditional Thai massage method to loosen the body gently, stimulating the muscular tissue that has hardened during pregnancy to relieve tension, and make the body easier to accept the hyperthermia treatment Yu-fai.
2. Hot block compress

Wrap the warmed block with banana leaf and cotton cloth, and gently press it against your abdomen, back, hips, and thighs. Sending heat to the uterus, it helps restore the uterus, which has expanded after childbirth, to its original size and position.

3. Hot salt clay pot
Put natural sea salt in a unglazed pottery pot, warm it sufficiently, wrap it in banana leaf and a cotton cloth, and gently press it against the abdomen and the entire body.
It excretes excess water and lochia from the uterus to quickly restore uterine function, eliminate muscle and back pain, and help burn fat in the abdomen during pregnancy.
It is said that the use of natural sea salt has the effect of absorbing waste products from the body and purifying the blood.
5. Herbal steam sauna
Place a pot boiling herbs under the chair in the herb tent and take a seat for about 15 to 20 minutes until whole body sweated.
It discharges waste products in the body and lochia in the uterus, relieves muscle tension and improves tingling and pain.
In addition, repeating to enter the herbal sauna, you can raise your normal fever, boost your immunity against various diseases, and help balancing your autonomic nerves.
After entering the sauna, it is recommended to not wipe off with a towel as much as possible, as it may wipe off the herbal ingredients that have penetrated into the body. Please wait relaxingly until the body settle down naturally, drinking lukewarm water. 
*お詫び* 現在こちらのハーブティーは取り扱っておりません。再開し次第お知らせさせていただきます。
6. Special herbal tea for Yu-fai

Finally, you will have a special herbal tea for Yu-fai.
It is recommended to take a glass 2-3 times a day after meals.

Postpartum care (Yu-fai) price plan

3-day course 40,500 yen (tax included)


5-day course 60,000 yen (tax included)


7-day course 73,500 yen (tax included)


* If it is difficult to secure 3 and a half hours a day, we can propose a shorter course, so please feel free to contact us.

* In addition to the above charges, a business trip fee will be charged.

お時間の確保が難しい方へ 1dayコース

Postpartum care
1 day course
3 to 3.5 hours ¥15,000(tax included)

The burden on the body due to childbirth is very large and consumes a large amount of blood when giving birth. Receiving the postpartum care called "yu-fai", various indefinite complaints that occur after childbirth can be prevented, and it helps to restore the physical balance of women's body immediately after childbirth.

Although postpartum care is usually done in the client house, we have prepared a one-day course for those who have difficulty in taking care at home. The procedure will be, Relaxing massage → Hot block → Salt clay pot → Herb ball → Herb sauna → Original herbal tea for yu-fai. 

Please make a reservation when you have enough time, as it is better to lie down for about 30 minutes to calm down your body and mind after entering the herb sauna.

Precautions for receiving treatment

* Yu-fai treatment can be started from 7 days after delivery for spontaneous delivery and 30 to 45 days after cesarean section.

The treatment will start after consulting the start date in advance.


* The treatment is performed for 7 consecutive days for about 3 and a half hours a day. The treatment time is just a guide, so the treatment will be proceeded while taking a break, breastfeeding, or treating your baby. I would like to give priority to the rhythm for  mother and baby to feel most comfortable with. (There is no time extension fee.)


* In order to maximize the effect of Yu-fai, it is desirable to take care for 7 days / 3.5 hours a day, but if it is difficult to secure time, you can also choose from a shorter course. The best way is to receive it within a range that does not burden you and your family.


* Please refrain from using shampoo as much as possible to prevent the scalp getting cold during receiving Yu-fai. Although it is ideally recommended to not wash your hair, we recommend washing with hot water if you are concerned about itching.


* If you have any other concerns and questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Our thought for postpartum care Yu-fai

Thank you for reading to the end!


Giving birth is one of the most important life event for women, and you may face significant physical and psychological changes.
you take good care of your body from pregnancy to childbirth and after childbirth, you will be able to live a lively life in childcare and subsequent rehabilitation .
I myself had an unexpected dystocia
, but I think that I am now able to do my best in childcare and work because various distresses have improved as a result of receiving Yu-fai.

A mother's smile makes your family happy.

I would be very happy if I could get along with your mind for being beautiful and healthy after giving birth.

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